Tasty Cereal Mix, 200g, Pack of 2

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Ammae Tasty cereal mix, a multigrain porridge mix powder for general health. It contains a unique combination of 16 grains. Whole grains contains all essential nutrients and trace elements required for our body. To preserve the natural property of ingredients we use conventional methods. It is rich in fiber, energizing and easily digestible. Tasty cereal mix does not contain preservatives or added sugar. It is natural. Together it makes a good morning drink and makes your day healthy and nutritious.

Ingredients - Wheat, Amaranth seeds (rajgira), Barley, Finger millet (ragi), Little millet (sama), Pearl millet (bajra), Parboiled rice, Maize, Great Millet (jowar), Oats, Chick peas (channa), Green gram (moong), Horse gram (kulthi), Roasted gram, Soya bean), Black gram (Urad).

Preparation Method - Tasty Cereal mix needs to be mixed in a small quantity of water. This should mix thoroughly without any lumps and cook for a couple of minutes until it becomes thick. Once the porridge is prepared, you can add sweetener of your choice upon ones taste.

Pour a small quantity (70ml) of plain water in a container. Add 3 teaspoons of Ammae Tasty Cereal mix to the same. Mix the powder thoroughly without any lumps until it gets dissolved. Place the container with the mix in a stove and keep the fire in low mode. Stir the mix continuously to avoid sticking to the pan. Cook it for 2 to 3 minutes and pour hot milk to the mix and stir well. Add  sweetener of your choice ( Stevia /sugar /jaggery) to taste and multigrain porridge is ready to drink.