HealthPlus - Men's Slippers for Diabetic Patients

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The primary goal of mens diabetic slippers is to avoid several foot complications in diabetic patients including strains, ulcers, numbness calluses etc. 

Also, people having diabetic neuropathy don't realize truly that their feet have severely high chances of such risks. 

Out of thes complications, foot ulcers are the most common. These occur as a result of high pressure on a specifc area of feet in addition to the breakdown of skin. For quick and successful healing it is important that pressure is kept as low as possible besides dressing the wound properly. 

These slippers for diabetic patients by Health Plus and custom-molded inserts work simultaneoudly as a preventative system to aid diabetes patients dodge foot injuries and improve mobility. 

Our mens diabetic slippers have been designed taking for ultimate comfort. It is very light in weight, that diabetes do not feel any pressure under their feet. 

No heels or pointed toes reduce the pressure on the foot. Available for sizes starting from 6 to 11.