Health Plus - Premium Leather Shoes for Diabetic

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  • Product Specifications of Health Plus Shoes for Diabetics (without lace): 

    Uppers: Premium Cloth & Leather  

    Outer Sole: High Quality PU Sole 

    Innersole: High Quality MCP/MCR sole to give feet & sole the needed comfort & the stability

    Colours: Black & Brown 

    Why Special Shoes for Diabetic Patients?

    The primary goal of shoes for diabetic patients is to prevent complications, which can include strain, ulcers, numbness calluses, for them.

    Foot ulcers are common complication of the diabetic foot.  Ulcers are caused by too much pressure on an area and the skin just "breaks down". They can occur under corns and callus. Healing can take a while and it is imperative that pressure is removed from the area and good wound dressings are used.

    Our shoes for diabetic patients and custom-molded inserts work together as a preventative system to help diabetics avoid foot injuries and improve mobility and  reduce the chance of damage happening,

    It is very light in weight, that diabetes do not feel any pressure under their feet. The inner portion is so soft with MCP / MCR layer that the feet and heels rest comfortably with proper support.

    These shoes for diabetic patients provide plenty of room for toes as well allow air to circulate freely.

    Moreover, they have no heels or pointed toes thus reducing the pressure on the foot. Available sizes starting from 6 to 11.