CareSens N Safety Lancets - 100 pack

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Benefits of CareSens N Safety Lancets 28G
  1. Quick One-step Activation, supplied ready to use
  2. Sterilized by Gamma ray
  3. No Loading / No Lancing Device preperation
  4. Absolute safety due to the automatic retraction of the needleinto the plastic housing after puncture
  5. Split sceond incision by beveled needleminimizes painand helpsincrease patient comfort
How to use Caresens N Lancets:
  1. Clean Puncture site
  2. Twist off the protective capand then pull it out
  3. Plavce the lancet against the puncture site
  4. Gently Push the lancet down against the puncture site
  5. Dispose lancet after use
*Single use Only