Tips for Diabetes Management


Here are a few easy tips to help deal with the diabetes more effectively



·         Try to do moderate and regular exercise (consult your doctor on the specific type of exercise suited to your needs), Regular exercise helps to regulate Blood Glucose Levels, lose weight, stress reduction & improve the action of insulin

·         Walk for 20 minutes after a meal, this helps to improve digestion and insulin effectiveness

·          Avoid taking lifts  – climb the stairs ,

·         Avoid taking Car / Vehicle for small distances/nearby store

·         Remember to eat something (in small portion) before doing any exercise ( exercising on an empty stomach may cause lowering blood glucose levels less than the acceptable levels leading to hypoglycaemia)


·         Consult a qualified Dietician to get advice on what you can eat and what not to eat and the respective portions.

·         Maintain your weight at desirable levels

·         Maintain the meal timings – do not skip the meals

·         Eat slowly , in a relaxed way

·         Do not eat large meals. Divide, your prescribed calories intake in a day, into smaller meals ( 6 to 8 meals per day) at regular intervals. 

·           Have an early dinner – 3-4 hours prior to going to bed. Have a cup of low-fat milk after dinner ( 2-3 hrs after) to avoid hypoglycaemia.



·         Take your medication / insulin intake at the prescribed timings. Do not alter the dosage or timings without consulting your diabetologist.

·         Synchronise your amount and timing of meals, exercise, medication so as to maintain healthy blood glucose levels.

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